Why children need chiropractic care

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Five smiling kids spending day in nature during springtime. They are sitting in the grass and laughing.
Five smiling kids spending day in nature during springtime. They are sitting in the grass and laughing.

Do you take your children to the chiropractor? How often? If you answer to the first question is no, then why not? If your answer was yes, then Awesome! The most underserved population in the US today is our American children. Children respond much faster, they are happier and even get the big picture.
Whenever an adult walks into the chiropractic clinic, they will usually carry years of untreated injuries. These particular injuries have over the years built up and started making degenerative changes to the spinal. But however, when it comes to the children, you can be able to work with them just before the changes begin to occur, making them healthier adults in the future. It’s always great to get your children adjusted, at least in that way you get to know they will grow up much stronger and healthier.
Your child has a spine and nervous system that needs to be cared for just like adults would need to. It’s actually even better to have your children checked out as infancy and childhood are impressionable times of rapid growth and development of the spine and nervous system.
Chiropractors usually work by examining and evaluating for the proper movement, alignment and function of the spine. The adjustments that are usually made are to remove the vertebral fixations that will reduce inflammation and interference to the nervous system.
The nervous system is responsible for the controlling of all the functions in the entire body of a human being. Therefore, when you decide to have your children’s’ spinal checked out, then you are maintaining the health of the child’s entire body, and naturally too.
The practice of a chiropractor is gentle and even safe. Only light force is normally needed when you are adjusting an infant’s or child’s spine.

Reason behind chiropractic in children

The small child is a small space, and most of the time they are usually in awkward positions. The next reason is that the process of birth can be a very traumatic process on the infant’s body, even a natural and smooth birth that ends without interventions.
Your baby is usually being pushed through as small space in a small amount of time. In case there are interventions such as the Pitocin that causes more intense contractions, forceps, vacuum, or cesarean, then it is even dire that the baby is adjusted as soon as possible after their birth.

When should your baby be adjusted, and how often?

It is very important that your children are examined for spinal fixations after their birth. It is suggested that it is done within the first two weeks unless there is an immediate problem as the child not breastfeeding, and then they will need to be evaluated as soon as possible.
To be able to get a healthy infant or child, then they should get adjusted the first time that they are able to hold their head up. The baby should also be adjusted at the first time that they develop or have a sign of a cold or ear infection, if they are not sleeping well, have a fall or after rough play.
Therefore, in case you need any assistance with your child our chiropractors Dr. Mehran Shei and Dr. Parvin Alemi are here to help. Contact us and learn more about the benefits of chiropractic care for auto accident injuries.

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