Rehabilitation of Persons With Spinal Cord Injuries

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Traumatic spinal cord injury is perhaps the most devastating orthopedic injury one can get, and with prolonged survival being the rule, rehabilitation of these injuries has an increasingly important role. The main primary goals of rehabilitation are the prevention of the secondary complications and the maximization of the physical functioning and the reintegration into the community.
In case, you have a loved one looking to have spinal cord rehabilitation, and then you need to know that spinal rehabilitation focuses aggressively on working with the patients, so that within a short period of time, the patient can maximize on their neurological recovery and their general health.

How are spinal cord injuries treated?

In case you are looking to get the right medication for spinal cord injury for a loved one then, the treatment sessions are divided into two stages:

  • Acute stage
  • Rehabilitation stage

The acute stage will basically begin at the time of the injury of the specific patient in question, and it will last until the person has stabilized. The rehabilitation phase then begins as soon as the person has had the chance to stabilize and is ready to begin working towards their independence.

The acute stage: what you should know

During this particular stage, it very important that you as the patient are able t receive prompt medical care. The faster you get access to the treatment the better your chances of having the least amount of impairment as possible. However, in many cases, the injured will be sent to the closest hospital or center that is equipped to deal with the spinal cord injury.
The first few days of the acute stage process are usually accompanied by spinal shock, in which the reflexes that are not working. In this particular stage, it is very difficult to determine an exact prognosis, this is because some of the function beyond what is currently seen may occur later. At this particular stage other complications from the accident or the injury will also be present, these are:

  • Brain injury
  • Broken bones
  • Bruising

The rehabilitation phase: what you need to know

Once your acute stage is over, and you have stabilized, and then you will have entered the rehabilitation phase of the treatment. The treatment that occurs in this particular stage has the goal of ensuring that much of your functions returns as much a possible. Because all cases of spinal cords are different, a very unique plan has to be designed to be able to help you function and succeed in every day.
The plan often includes:

  • Helping you become independent.
  • Helping you learn how to instruct your caregivers
  • Preparing you for vocational rehabilitation
  • Helping you understand the details regarding your care
  • Helping you become independent as possible I everyday activities such as eating, breathing, dressing, grooming and even wheelchair use.

Therefore, whether the spinal cord was due to traumatic injury or as a result of an illness, our team of experts will be able to offer you a treatment plan in collaboration with the patient and the family. Depending on the severity of the injury, our team will work on improving the patient’s functionality in their everyday life.
Therefore, in case you need any assistance in spinal cord rehabilitation, our chiropractors Dr. Mehran Shei and Dr. Parvin Alemi are here to help. Contact us and learn more about the benefits of chiropractic care for auto accident injuries.

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